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Jim is scheduled to speak at events across the entire country.  If you have a need for a humorous business professional, drop Jim a note.  Be sure to see his one sheet and speaking topics in this website.


Keynotes / Workshops

Your Challenges
Are your members tired of lackluster presenters that don't relate to their businesses or industry?  Do members complain of not having any practical take away value?  Do members get bored because the presenters have no energy or humor?

Jim Lindell - Your Solution
This is where Jim can help your conference, seminar, retreat or group meeting.  Jim is an Atypcial CPA that blends humor and practical lessons to improve people’s lives and their businesses.  An award winning speaker, Jim delivers approximately 50 presentations / year all over the U.S. for Associations and Corporations.  He is also a successful author for the AICPA and has written numerous CPE Sessions including the “Controllers Annual Update.”  Some examples of presentations are:

A.     Corporate Entropy and the Phoenix Effect (Business Failure and Innovation)

B.     The Successful Family Business (Practical tips on making the Family Business work)

C.     Ethics – A Line in the Sand (Ethical dilemmas and challenges in everyday life)

D.     The Role of Strategic Planning and _______ (H/R, Finance, IT, etc.)

E.      Personal Leadership Skills (Memory, NLP, Time Management)

F.      How to Avoid a Financial Heart Attack in Business. (Why Businesses fail and how to prevent it)

G.     When Pigs Learn to Fly (Improbable success)

H.     Creativity – the Key to Future Value (all value originates with creativity)

I.     Cannons, Scrums and Sculls - Unstoppable Teams (The Secrets to Highly Successful Teams)

Benefits of working with Jim

  1. Your company makes more money
  2. You make more money
  3. Your people are more productive
  4. You are more productive
  5. Better Leaders! Decisions! Results!

What's New?

Improve Your Memory

Thorsten Consciousness Tool

If you have followed my site and blog in the past, you know that I am interested in creativity and methods to increase the creative thought process. I made an interesting html page which is based on the Twitter post search feature and entitled it the "Thorsten Consciousness Tool". The concept is fairly simple. If you watch a series of discussions that are of interest to you, the following will happen: very quickly you will see an article, a concept, or a link that will further advance your understanding of the topic. Will there be garbage? Of course - it wouldn't be the internet without it. I have used this technique on a regular basis and am constantly expanding my knowledge of the particular subjects that appeal to me. Check it out - I think you will find it useful Thorsten Consciousness Tool.

Do you have a Coach?

Pro football players have multiple coaches.  In addition, they practice the entire week and then play (perform) 3 hours  in the game.  In work settings, employees "play" 40 hours per week and rarely are given the opportunity to practice (receive training).

Would you like to experience a coaching session?  Call Jim for a complimentary session to see if coaching is for you.

Check out some free tools

  • Economic Charts
  • How are you doing with the Recession or Green Shoots Recovery?

    (Sept. 2009) We continue to hear how things are improving.  My bet is still on difficult times.  I do not see us recovering in the near future.  My concern is how you survive the current recession and position your company to move forward.   If we do not turn the corner (and there are many reasons why this could be the case) remain in a defensive position with emphasis on protection of cash.  Should we turn the corner, be prepared to jump on the opportunity. However, I would prefer to be late to the party on this turnaround as opposed to being early and then caught in another, more severe downturn.

    What have you done to protect your business?

    If you haven't taken any steps to prepare, talk to your advisers and map out your strategy!

    How are your employees doing with the Recession?

    Be sure to take the time to help employees cope with the stress of the recession.  Remember,
  • They are afraid
  • They do not know what your plans as the owner are
  • They probably feel out of control with the entire situation - especially with continued employment
  • If you have never been good at "hand holding" now is the time to improve on that skill set.
  • AICPA Videos

    [09/30/2008] The AICPA has released video versions and self study courses for the "Controller's Annual Update" as well as "Minimizing the Effects of a Recession on your Business". Both are courses that Jim authored for the AICPA.  They can be purchased at

    View the closing comments from the Recession video.

    The skills, talents and time of the following folks made the videos possible (From L to R: Jim Lindell, Frank Ryan, Ron Rael, Eric Wukitsch)

    AICPA Video Team - Author Jim Lindell